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Monday, 27 June 2016 06:47

OVH case study

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The customer - XTM International is a cloud software development company which creates translation technology solutions to manage all aspects of localisation, helping businesses reach global markets more efficiently.

The challenge – XTM International needed both fast access to powerful servers to keep up with its growing customer base, and a flexible, reliable server set up to meet its strict service level agreement obligations.

The solution – with the vRack (virtual rack) technology, XTM International has created a server cluster to allow its application to be distributed across machines, providing scalability and redundancy.

The benefits – XTM International’s hosting costs have been reduced by 25%, and it has seen reliability, measured as system uptime, increase by 2%.


Founded in 2002, XTM International employs around 50 people in Europe, the US and Japan. Leading enterprises in the automotive, life science, retail and gaming sectors use the XTM translation platform to localise their content for global markets.

XTM International’s software enables users to manage and translate virtually every type of file including documents, websites and interface text. It includes translation memory that enables the reuse of previously translated sentences by storing source and target text in a database. XTM Cloud, the SaaS version of the software, is hosted by OVH, allowing users to access the system from anywhere in the world, with just a browser.

The problem

“Translators don’t work 9 to 5. Located around the globe, they need access to the system 24/7. This means we need to provide the most reliable service for our customers,” said Bob Willans, CEO at XTM International.

Using physical servers was limiting XTM International’s rapid growth as they required significant capital expenditure and took a long time to purchase and set up. Additionally, strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with customers mean that XTM International must be able to rely on its equipment running at all times to avoid penalties. Variable data protection laws across different countries also led to some clients requesting that their data be stored in a particular location, so Willans knew a global partner was essential. Furthermore, for XTM International to remain competitive, Bob Willans needed to find a cloud hosting provider with competitive pricing.

After much research and comparison of costs to find a company that met all XTM International’s requirements for reliability, scalability, cost and security, Willans found OVH was the right match.

The solution

According to Willans, XTM International found in OVH a company that shares its ethos for good service and reliability for a competitive price.

It chose OVH’s Dedicated Servers with vRack technology and VPS cloud. This allows XTM International to connect its services, isolate them or spread services across multiple servers all over the world as a cluster. This provides the required load balancing and resilience required. For a global company that needs to maximise uptime, this flexibility adds an extra layer of redundancy.

OVH’s website was straightforward - with explanations of the infrastructure and pricing clear to see. XTM International configured and ordered the infrastructure it required entirely online, only needing a few phone calls to clarify minor details. Server Administrators within the company found the implementation process very smooth.

XTM International can easily configure the hosting services and scale them up or down according to client needs. Extra servers can be added quickly to the cluster as required to meet increased customer demand.

OVH offers a wide variety of cloud options and also has 17 datacentres located around the world so it was clear a match for XTM International’s global ambitions and requirements.

The benefits

Having previously owned its servers, XTM International is aware of the high cost of purchasing hardware and keeping it up to date. By choosing OVH, the company now pays a monthly subscription and only uses what it needs, bringing down CAPEX.

Standard practice is to upgrade servers every three to four years, but this comes at a huge cost to server owners. With OVH, the technology is always up to date and of the highest specifications. One example of this is the solid state drives (SSD) found in OVH servers. They ensure low latency and high performance within the same monthly subscription.

Mariusz Mikołajczyk, Senior Server Administrator at XTM International said: “Relying on OVH has given us peace of mind. It means worrying about the physical security and infrastructure of our servers is a thing of the past. Our equipment is always up to date and well maintained at no additional cost to us. OVH handles the physical security, power, generators and internet connections so we can focus entirely on our customers.”

XTM International’s Server Administrators find the new administration panel particularly easy to use. With feedback from customers, OVH created the new panel which automates many tasks, making it user friendly.

As a result of moving to OVH, XTM International’s hosting costs have reduced by 25%, and it has seen the uptime of their system increase by 2% compared to their previous suppliers.

XTM International has plans for rapid expansion across the world, particularly in the Asia Pacific regions, will benefit from a Cloud partner with a global presence and plans for another 12 data centres globally, including in Singapore and Australia.

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