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In-depth analysis highlights the dangers posed by enterprise IoT devices, discovering that most can act as simple points of entry into critical enterprise networks
Saturday, 22 October 2016 07:56

The fork in the road: braving the cloud

I read an article recently which outlined that UK SME’s are rejecting cloud storage, with fears over ‘time’ and ‘money’ implications cited as the main barriers to cloud storage adoption.
Following the news that information associated with 500 million user accounts was stolen from Yahoo's network in 2014, please see below for comment from Jes Breslaw, director of strategy, EMEA at Delphix on the importance of embedding strong data security into everyday practices.
Andrew Chant, head of networks at Exponential-e, has made the following comments and revealed further network traffic statistics following the release:
In its blog post of 24th August, Cigital states:-
New data protection regime places fresh emphasis on due diligence when procuring cloud services
Cisco Talos blog reported newly discovered vulnerabilities in the widely used libarchive open-source programming library
As skills are getting harder to find the adoption of low-code/no-code application development movement is growing. Andrew Murphy puts the arguments for why businesses should adopt it.
Tuesday, 19 January 2016 12:55

Innovate or die

IT departments need to become ever more relevant to business needs in 2016. If they don’t they face either being overlooked for third-part developers or worse bringing down the business says Bob Plumridge, EMEA CTO, Hitachi Data Systems.
John Paterson argues that the public sector isn’t able to take advantage of software as a services low-cost and low-risk solutions because of an archaic procurement model and a hardwired reluctance to move to new suppliers.
Thursday, 07 January 2016 11:16

Disaster recovery’s Achilles heel

Even the best disaster recovery technology is useless without the correct practices behind it, says Databarracks MD Peter Groucutt.
Dave Taylor explains why companies must stop believing their IT challenges are unique to them and that their needs for scalability and interoperability are exclusive.
Indi Sall examines the role of the CIO in bringing together the IT systems and the business needs in the business digital transformation
Many regulated industries and government agencies are facing unexpected problems when it comes to finding a safe place with enough space to store the vast amount of video data produced by their cameras as Arkivum’s Nik Stanbridge explains
Friday, 23 October 2015 15:51

The Force is too strong for cinema websites

The release of the Star Wars trailer and the subsequent meltdown of cinema booking systems proves the need for cloud-based scalable solutions
Atchison Frazer explores the world of large IT operations and hybrid-cloud organisations with isolated pools of data that never leave their respective silos or interact with other siloed data
Why apprenticeships should not be allowed to become spin and why the Government and the tech industry needs to act now.
Why bringing in a enterprise social network to emulate Facebook or Twitter in your business could be a big mistake, and create new barriers to communication rather than removing them.
Jennifer Brenner looks at the compelling evidence for the growing acceleration to the cloud and asks if that should change your business cloud migration policies
To deliver agility and savings in the cloud, you need the right operating model says Steve Peskin and that’s IT-as-a-service

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