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Friday, 12 February 2016 17:26

Break up with bad storage this Valentine’s Day

Posted By  Mark Young

A step-by-step guide on how to end your bad relationship with conventional storage and live happily ever after with VM-aware storage

Valentine’s Day is not just a day of love, it’s often a day for reflecting on what is – and isn’t – working in your relationship. No wonder it’s ranked as one of the top days of the year for breaking up. So let’s take this day to consider just how you and your storage aren’t getting along, how best to end a relationship that just isn’t working and what your bigger, brighter future looks like without logical unit numbers (LUNs). 

Kick out the LUNs

Ending a relationship might seem scary. But you have to know that a better storage solution, without the baggage of LUNs, is possible, worth it and actually not as hard as you might think. LUNs stop you from seeing your storage relationship at the true VM level but without LUNs, your opportunities open up. You can save time making sure your storage relationship is running smoothly by using a solution that does the hard work for you. That way you can concentrate on real-life romance and spare some cash.

If you are looking for a drama-free, easy-to-manage storage relationship, look to VM-aware storage (VAS). With VAS, you can avoid chaos in your data centre environment with per-VM cloning, replication, QoS, analytics and more. VAS allows you to gain actionable real-time analytics from your environment and guarantee the performance of every single virtual machine, leaving more quality time to spend with someone you love.

Your relationship should be easy

In any kind of relationship, it’s good to keep things simple. Over-complicated storage means a whole load of problems, including over-provisioning. With VAS you can have an effortless relationship with your storage, freeing you from the data centre to spend your evenings with someone special. Don’t just settle for conventional storage because you’re afraid there’s no better alternative… Don't give up. There is something better for you. Believe you deserve better. Believe it exists. You don’t have to wait.

Trust is everything

If there is one factor contributing to a successful relationship, it has to be trust. Without trust, things are bound to end badly. Avoid issues in this department by choosing storage with a reputation for reliability and honesty, with the ability to see things at the VM level. VAS is quick to install and allows you to see every action at the VM level and to spot performance problems from the offset, rather than waiting for a major issue to emerge.

Storage that stands the test of time

Only VM-aware storage can ensure reliability and performance stands the test of time. Break up with LUNS and enjoy ever-lasting love with your storage. With greater VM density comes multiple benefits. Reduce your storage footprint and power consumption in your data centre by saying no to conventional storage. I will leave you with one last note; love hurts, but your storage doesn’t have to.

About the author

Mark Young is Director of Systems Engineering EMEA at Tintri. Mark joined Tintri in 2011, and is responsible for all aspects of technical sales to a broad range of enterprise customers & service providers across the EMEA Theatre in addition to leading the EMEA presales team. Prior to joining Tintri, Mark was Technical Alliance Manager, EMEA at Riverbed Technology dealing with technical pre-sales enablement and development of channel partners and has held roles at Cisco Systems where he became interested in storage through Cisco’s acquisitions of NuSpeed and Andiamo.

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