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Monday, 31 March 2014 17:08

Google add a raft of new tools and features to their Google Cloud Platform

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Google have announced a plethora of new products and services to their Google Cloud Platform including bringing together their PaaS and IaaS platforms, Managed Virtual Machines for App Engine, real-time Big Data analytics with Google BigQuery, Google Cloud DNS and some heavy price cutting across the board.

Google are starting to add some details to some of the new announcements that they made at Cloud Platform Live Google last week. At the show Google released a wide range of new products and changes to their cloud platform designed to make the platform easier to use and more effective. Speaking at the conference and on the official Google Cloud Platform blog Urs Hölzle, Senior Vice President, announced the launch by saying that google are investing heavily in the platform – Google us it for their own products - to make it “as great a platform for external users as internal users.” Adding that Google are “Laying the groundwork for years and years of improvement and innovation - and while we already have a strong platform - these are the early days so you can expect a lot more.”

Moore's law pricing for cloud apps

According to Google cloud pricing hasn’t followed the reductions in hardware pricing - over the past five years, hardware costs improved by 20-30% annually but public cloud prices fell at just 8% per year. To bring their pricing in line with hardware costs, Google have decided to make their prices track Moore’s Law, by reducing prices by between 30-85% across all of their products including;

  • Compute Engine reduced by 32% across all sizes, regions, and classes.
  • App Engine pricing has instance-hours reduced by 37.5%, dedicated memcache by 50% and Datastore writes by 33%. In addition additional services such as SNI SSL and PageSpeed are now offered at no extra cost.
  • Cloud Storagewill now be consistent at $0.026  per GB
  • Google BigQuery on-demand prices reduced by 85%

Additionally Google also announced a loyalty bonus that comes into effect when you use a service for more than 25% of a month. Effectively with Google’s new Sustained–Use Discounts the longer you use a service the cheaper the service becomes.  

Managed Virtual Machines for the PaaS v’s IaaS conundrum

One of the biggest and most useful features announced last week was a solution to the problem of ‘do you choose PaaS, or do you choose IaaS?’  Currently in a limited preview Google are demoing their Managed Virtual Machines a system that enables you to build your application (or components of it) using virtual machines running in Google Compute Engine, but with all of the features of Google App Engine including auto-management while giving you the languages and runtimes that you want.  Allowing you to start with an App Engine application and if you decide there’s another  language you want to use, or an open source package that isn’t supported on Google, you can take part of the application and replace it with an equivalent virtual machine.  To help increase the choice available Compute Engine now supports Windows Server 2008 R2 in a limited preview and Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Additionally Google has launched Cloud Deployment Manager, a new service aimed at developers who need the ability to centralise and manage the creation, testing and deployment of code via Git and Github.

Real-time big data

Google also provided new tools for big data with its updated BigQuery tool. With BigQuery Streaming, businesses can now ingest 100,000 records per second per table – a 1000x faster than before -  with near-instant updates, and then lets you run interactive SQL queries against the datasets with no setup and no configuration, on unlimited sized databases in real time.  Additionally it now uses standard SQL as its query – it was a cludge in past versions – plus you can now save queries as views, and use them as building blocks for more complex queries.

Google Cloud DNS

The new Google Cloud DNS preview is a cloud-serviced authoritative Domain Name System (DNS) service that’s intend to give developers a “highly available, reliable, and inexpensive way to publish DNS zones and records.” With the DNS preview users will be able to use a simple standards-based API to create and manage their own DNS records before distributing the results to the web’s globally distributed nameservers.

Cloud DNS can be used to name hosts, webservers and other internet resources, including Google Compute Engine virtual machines, and Google Cloud Storage buckets. You can also use this service for zones and records for systems hosted in data centres and remote offices.

The service will be run on a pay-as-you-go model, where users pay for the number of managed zones plus records, and for the number of queries serviced for those zones and records, with prices starting at $0.40 per one million queries per month for the first billion queries, and $0.20 per hosted zone per month for the first 25 zones.

For more details see the video of the Google Platform Live presentation from Urs Hölzle.


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