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Friday, 13 June 2014 09:49

OnLive CloudLift Enterprise PaaS provides businesses with a new way to deliver graphics intensive applications

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New OnLive CloudLift Enterprise solution claims to deliver graphically intensive apps over low bandwidth connections and to a wide range of thin-client and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones

Cloud gaming platform OnLive has launched CloudLift Enterprise, a new cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) designed for businesses with graphics intensive applications (GIA). The new solution will allow users to be able to stream latency-sensitive GIAs, such as high-definition interactive demos, simulations and 3D programs, from the cloud to virtually any device instantly, with full control, security and support.

OnLive considers their new CloudLift Enterprise is particularly suited for delivering latency-sensitive GIAs over nearly any network to a wide array of devices, that have limited CPU/GPU processing and memory available, and are not able to run demanding applications  in defence, aerospace, engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE), automotive and healthcare.

The new solution will also enable businesses that have typically struggled with hardware constraints, porting costs and interoperability issues of the ever-growing collection of portable and mobile client devices when delivering enterprise-level applications to employees in the field, or anywhere away from their high-end computers.

Applications using OnLive CloudLift Enterprise can either be streamed from a private on-premises data centre, or OnLive’s fully managed, hosted cloud, to the full range of users’ devices. The applications and data reside in the secure data center and only pixels are streamed to end users’ devices, protecting applications and data from piracy and malicious use.

OnLive claim’s the new platform constantly monitors changing network conditions, including throughput, latency and packet loss, and automatically adapts the pixel stream to provide a “consistent and stable video and audio stream to end users.” They also claim efficiencies across the solution allow for network bandwidths as low as 2Mbps to still deliver the required user experience.

“Enterprises have told us that it is frustrating to build and deliver high-end applications for thin clients and remote devices given their hardware constraints. They want to provide spectacular real-time graphics, and responsive, fluid experiences regardless of the devices their audience chooses to use,” said Mark Jung, Executive Chairman, OnLive. “OnLive CloudLift Enterprise frees developers from these limitations by allowing them to stream their applications to a wider variety of devices, enabling them to connect to more consumers.”

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