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Thursday, 24 July 2014 16:22

Salesforce unveils Salesforce1 Sales Reach aimed at sales reps and sales and marketing

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Sales Reach will bundle Salesforce1 Sales Cloud, Pardot and Communities into a new solution designed to help sales reps to connect with customers in entirely new ways

Salesforce have pre-announced their Salesforce1 Sales Reach application designed to help sales reps speed through sales. The application – which won’t be available until the first half of 2015 – will combine technologies and features from Salesforce1 Sales Cloud, Pardot and Communities to allow sales reps to deploy 1:1 campaigns tailored to prospects’ actions and advance buyers through the sales process on any device including mobiles.

Features will include:

Micro Campaigns: Sales reps will be able to instantly spin up and deploy micro marketing campaigns to hyper-target prospects based on actions. For example, sales reps will be able to immediately deploy a custom 1:1 email campaign for a prospect who just downloaded an e-book from a website in order to move the prospect through the sales funnel.

Real-time Activity Notifications: Pop-up, real-time notifications on the Salesforce1 Mobile App, will gives sales reps visibility into how prospects are engaging with their company and products. For example, a sales rep will be able to act at just the right moment by sending a special discount from their phone at the precise time a prospect is exploring a company’s website.

Lead Tracking: The new Lead Tracking dashboard gives sales reps access to a 36-hour activity record with prospects’ actions. Sales reps will be able to filter prospects based on priorities, drill down into specific data and see which prospects are most active. Reps will be able to spot trends and behaviour patterns to better tailor marketing campaigns. For example, sales reps will be able to identify which campaigns are converting prospects to buyers the fastest.

Mobile Nurture Campaigns:  Users will be able to instantly add a prospect to a templated marketing campaign with just a few taps. For example, if a prospect isn’t quite ready to buy yet, a sales rep will be able to simply add the prospect to a nurture campaign directly from their mobile device so the prospect will consistently receive emails tailored to their interests, engage with the company’s website and work with the sales rep until they’re ready to buy.

Salesforce Communities for Prospects: Sales reps and prospects will be able to directly engage, learn and share with Salesforce Communities for Prospects. Prospects will be able to connect with other prospects to exchange insights and learnings instantly, while sales reps can connect directly with multiple prospects to answer questions, share information and ultimately gain a better understanding of the buyers’ needs within a specific community. For example, a software company selling to technology departments can create a community where members can share best practices for a successful implementation and tips on how to use the software while sales reps can interact directly with their prospects to better understand their software needs.

Salesforce1 Sales Reach is planned to be available the first half of 2015 and pricing will be announced at the time of general availability.

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