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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 10:59

SanDisk introduces new solutions for VMware Horizon 6 and Virtual SAN at VMworld 2014

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New ULLtraDIMM and Fusion ioMemory memory solutions from SanDisk promise notable performance Improvements for VMware Horizon 6 on Virtual SAN

Memory giant SanDisk Corporation has added new product lines for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and end-user computing (EUC) solutions to support VMware Horizon 6 and Virtual SAN, utilising their award-winning ULLtraDIMM solid state drive (SSD) and Fusion ioMemory.


The new products are aimed at creating faster and better end-user experiences for virtual desktop infrastructure deployments along with scalability - from a few hundred to several thousand virtual desktops without adding complexity into a VMware environment - and reduced total cost per virtual desktop.


SanDisk’s new ULLtraDIMM memory channel storage solution claims it significantly reduces VDI boot storm impact because of its position relative to the server CPU, five micro-second write latency, and scalable performance of up to 1-Million IOPS for a typical deployment of 8-ULLtraDIMMs working in parallel. It also claims it enables up to 5X faster virtual desktop infrastructure desktop pool creation over traditional disk storage solutions and greater virtual desktop infrastructure density per host, as well as improving virtual desktop infrastructure response times and reducing the cost per virtual desktop infrastructure session.


The Fusion ioMemory virtual desktop infrastructure solution claims up to 90% SAN offload potential and up to 16X increased desktop density per server when used in conjunction with flash-enabled SAN storage.


“We are thrilled by these new flash-powered solutions from SanDisk which provide our mutual customers with increased levels of VM performance density with fast, cost-effective and highly scalable, virtual desktops for key customer deployment options whether it is with SAN, in-server or with Virtual SAN,” said Erik Frieberg, Vice President of Marketing, End User Computing, VMware. “We look forward to working with SanDisk to drive cost-effective EUC/ virtual desktop infrastructure adoption across all market segments.”


Sandisk has also created three new reference architectures for Horizon 6 and Virtual SAN and demonstrated at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco:


In-Server ULLtraDIMM


A construction of an 8-node ULLtraDIMM SSD configuration running Horizon 6 highlights the advantages of utilising an ultra-low latency, high-performance configuration for virtual desktop infrastructure deployments. In addition, the demonstration illustrates how ULLtraDIMM can easily handle highly challenging virtual desktop infrastructure issues including providing fast, consistent boot times.


Virtual SAN


This live demonstration of a 3-node Virtual SAN cluster for Horizon 6 shows how organisations with heavy user virtual desktop infrastructure workloads can benefit from a combination of SanDisk’s SSDs.


SAN Storage


For users of SAN storage, this reference architecture showcases the option of using the Fusion ioMemory virtual desktop infrastructure solution and a flash-enabled SAN storage. The configuration provides the ability to increase virtual desktop density by 16X and scale a single, half rack block to accommodate 1500 virtual desktop sessions with fast, consistent performance, to ensure rapid, consistent start-up times for “boot storms.”


“Software-Defined-Storage allows enterprise customers to break traditional barriers between the compute, storage, and network layers of the data center.  We can create innovative models leveraging software to increase ROI of existing storage infrastructure,” said John Scaramuzzo, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Storage Solutions, SanDisk. “The solutions for Horizon 6 and Virtual SAN are prime examples of how SanDisk continues to collaborate with VMware. These solutions are just the beginning of many advances that our partnership with VMware will bring to virtual desktop infrastructure deployments.”

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