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Tuesday, 21 October 2014 15:57

ParStream unveils the first analytics platform built for the Internet of Things

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ParStream builds the first real-time analytics system - based on its successful ParStream DB -  to analyse the anticipated data tsunami from the Internet of Things.

If the Internet of Things (IoT) lives up to its hype there’s going to be a lot of data that needs to be categorised, crushed and analysed, which is why ParStream has launched what it describes as the ” first” analytics platform for IoT.

The ParStream Analytics Platform is based on the ParStream DB database and is designed to scale to the massive volumes and high velocity of data input required by IoT. The solution claims to be able to ingest data at 3-4 million rows of data per second and uniquely queries the data at source, rather than when it’s ingested and delivered to a data warehouse, producing real-time analytics rather than analytics based on data that in theory is already old.

Features of the system include:

  • Geo-Distributed Analytics to enable local real-time analytics and storage close to the data source.
  • Time Series Analytics to enable enterprises to quickly analyse fast streaming data together with massive amounts of historical data.
  • Alerts & Actions to monitor data streams, create and qualify alerts, and appropriately execute actions automatically or send notifications.
  • Advanced Analytics to derive models and hypothesis from huge amounts of data by applying statistical functions and analytical models.
  • Visualisation Connect to integrate the Datawatch visualisation tool
  • Stream Connect/ETL Connect for data import that integrates with Informatica’s collection tool, Vibe.

According to ParStream businesses that use the Analytics Platform can expect to roll out IoT applications twice as fast versus integrating components in-house from different vendors, and they estimate that users will require 30% less resources for testing and supporting applications.

The ParStream Analytics Platform is available immediately. Geo-Distributed Analytics is currently available in limited production.

“As IoT shapes the future of analytics, data is getting bigger, arriving faster and generated by a growing number of remote data sources across the globe,” said Peter Jensen, CEO at ParStream. “Today’s legacy database and analytics tools were not designed for IoT, constraining business leaders and preventing them from maximizing the value of their data. We’ve engineered an analytics platform specifically for IoT, providing today’s decision-makers the agility to handle widely dispersed data sources. Our platform empowers enterprise organizations by providing actionable insights from real-time data, both locally and globally, to deliver on the promise of IoT.”


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