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Wednesday, 21 January 2015 14:50

New data protection solution safeguards business data within SaaS solutions

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Protegrity has extended its data security platform to enterprise cloud and SaaS offerings including Salesforce, Box, Gmail, and Office365

If you need to use a third-party SaaS solution such as Salesforce etc but you don’t trust their encryption, then US Provider of data-centric security solutions, Protegrity’s Cloud Gateway is for you. The solution enables enterprises to protect data in software-as-a-service offerings such as Salesforce.com, Box, Gmail, Office365, and Xactly without risking data exposure, impacting business processes or sacrificing SaaS functionality.

Developed with input from many of the nearly 200 clients the Protegrity Cloud Gateway claims to be a natural extension of the company’s data security platform into the cloud, and uses configuration over programming (CoP) an “innovative departure from existing approaches pushed by many so-called “hot startups” in the cloud data security space.”

The CoP solution allows security administrators to “own” the cloud gateway security configuration without depending on internal IT staff or the gateway vendor for custom coding, and as there is no link to a particular version of the cloud application, the need for in-depth revisions to the gateway every time the cloud service is updated is eliminated.  This development approach also allows clients to use new SaaS features right away as they are rolled out while maintaining the same level of data security.

Deployed in a proven appliance framework, Protegrity Cloud Gateway sits between cloud applications and users, replacing sensitive data with flexible, format-preserving tokens or encrypted values before being sent to the cloud. A gateway server cluster handles the traffic to and from the cloud, while the Protegrity Enterprise Security Administrator (ESA) provides client security teams central control of policy, protection methods, automated key management, security event alerting, reporting and auditing.

Additionally the Protegrity Cloud Gateway has been built using a stateless architecture, meaning that the individual server nodes are independent from each other and do not share any transient state information at run-time.  With a stateless architecture, server nodes can be geographically distributed without sacrificing speed or reliability to deliver the highest level of performance, no matter where the cloud gateway nodes are located.

“Our clients have told us that current cloud data protection gateways cannot be configured easily by their internal teams, don’t always recognize the sensitive data that needs to be protected, negatively impact the speed or functionality of the SaaS solutions, or have limited scalability,” said Suni Munshani, CEO of Protegrity. “Ushering in the next generation of cloud data security, the Protegrity Cloud Gateway addresses these concerns and responds to our clients’ demand to have us apply the same trusted technology we use to protect their core on premise systems to their ever-growing adoption of cloud applications and services.”

“Other cloud gateway solutions require communication between individual server nodes, limiting scalability. Many also use vault-based tokenization which creates transaction bottlenecks that slow down network performance,” said Kyle Pond, Cloud Solutions Director at Protegrity. “During proof-of-concept tests performed by a client, Protegrity Cloud Gateway was proven to have flexible, empowering performance, be more cost efficient, and able to accomplish many things that the competition was simply not able to do at all or as fast as the Protegrity solution.”

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