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Monday, 06 July 2015 11:29

The top 10 cloud influencers in financial services

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We reveal the top 10 cloud financial services influencers, are you in there?

The people behind the Cloud World Series Financial Services conference has released a list of the 20 most influential people and businesses in cloud financial services to announce the latest Financial Services Conference in New York in July. 

To save you time – we know you’re busy people - we’ve reduced the top 20 influencers to the top 10 people and here they are.   




Why Nominated


Huw Jenkins

Founder of the Money Cloud

Successfully raised a first round of funding through London VC Fig


Michael Reh

Senior VP and global head of Finacle at Infosys

Commenting on news that Infosys Finacle banking software now available on Microsoft Azure cloud


Amit Dua

Regional head for advanced markets and global accounts at Finacle

Commenting on news that Infosys Finacle banking software now available on Microsoft Azure cloud


Simon Bain

SearchYourCloud CEO

Commenting on encryptions keys in article 7 Common Misconceptions About Security Threats In Cloud Computing”


Dominic Hirsch

MD at Retail Banking Research in London

Speaking about how a typical ATM lasts 8 to 12 years, so the transition to the cloud will be gradual


Michael Engel

Director of the software product line for banking at Wincor

His company has doubled the number of ATMs it has connected to the cloud in the last 18 months, to about 100,000.


James Chang

Managing partner of financial service consulting at PwC China

Said the rapid growth of Chinese billionaires was mainly caused by the booming Internet and mobile Internet industries, and the rise of the country’s capital markets


Sam Ramji

Cloud Foundry Foundation CEO

Commented on technology excellence and innovation as a way to stay ahead in the highly competitive financial services market as JP Morgan Chase joined Cloud Foundry


Thomas Phelps

CIO and Chief Corporate Strategist at Laserfich

Laserfich is giving access to cloud-based independent digital signature


Nat Kausik

CEO, Bitglass

Said as the financial sector continues to adopt new technologies like cloud and mobile, it will undoubtedly experience security and compliance growing pains

Are they the people you would nominate? If not then send your suggestions in and we’ll compile our own top 10.

For more information on the Cloud World Series Financial Service conference where no doubt all 20 of the top 20 will be, see www.cloudfsworldseries.com. If you can’t justify the trip to NYC then there’s a European event in London on October 20.  

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