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Tuesday, 29 September 2015 10:40

DevOps is growing fastest in the mid-market

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New research from Claranet suggests DevOps will be championed by larger mid-market enterprises over the next two years, as they seek to gain a competitive advantage

You would expect DevOps to be taken on first by smaller more agile businesses. However, new research from Claranet on the rise of the DevOps movement shows it’s not the case in reality. According to the managed services provider, DevOps adoption is set to grow significantly in Europe over the next two years and it’s the mid-market that’s grasping the technology first

The survey, polled businesses throughout Europe found around a quarter (26%) of European mid-market businesses with 100-2000 employees have taken a DevOps approach, though a further 42% have plans to implement one in the next two years.

This growth will predominantly come from larger mid-market organisations as they look to take advantage of new development methods to counter the agility of smaller players; within the next two years, 64% of businesses with more than 500 employees expect to have implemented DevOps, compared with just 45% of those with fewer.

Neil Thomas, Product Director at Claranet, explained: “With larger companies now leading the DevOps charge, the differentiation it previously brought to smaller organisations could drop significantly. Sizeable companies are firmly demonstrating the collaboration skills necessary for this way of working, including agile decision-making processes and the flexibility to incorporate new ideas quickly. Our research has shown that a dramatic shift is happening within the IT sector, with conventional wisdom about the lack of agility in large organisations being thrown out in favour of a new paradigm.”

Q. Have you developed a DevOps approach at your organisation?
100-250 employees 251-500 employees 501-1,000 employees 1,001–2,000 employees
Yes 15% 18% 26% 48%
No, but we are planning to in the next two years 28% 30% 33% 22%
No, but we are planning to beyond the next two years 12% 17% 14% 10%
No, and we are not   planning to 38% 29% 21% 15%


Neil went on to say that companies looking to adopt this approach over the next two years need to make sure their organisations are fully prepared in terms of culture, technology, and partners for this new lean development approach to work.

“Larger organisations are finding implementation requires both a complete cultural shift, as well as the introduction of new IT tooling. Strong partnerships can be critical here. Working with a partner that has experience in various applications and strong DevOps expertise enables organisations to deliver on their DevOps promises” Neil concluded.

We would add, that one of the reasons we see smaller businesses losing out to mid-markets in DevOps is down to the bewildering number of tools available. The DevOps market has its mass-market tools Github, etc. But there are also hundreds of other to choose from and we think the choice is frightening them off. 

g them off. 

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