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Tuesday, 17 November 2015 11:09

EMC delivers new updates to allow simple, secure, hybrid cloud solutions

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A flurry of new cloud features and tools from EMC will help make creating secure cloud-friendly hybrid solutions a simple process for EMC VMAX, VNX and Isilon users  

EMC has launched a number of new cloud-friendly updates to its software to make it easier for businesses to embrace the hybrid cloud quickly and securely.  As Chris Ratcliffe, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Core Technologies at EMC explains the reason behind EMCs move to a more open way of working have been driven by users who are seeing “shrinking budgets, and need a simple path to the cloud” and who at the same time, “don’t want, or need, a new device to get access to the cloud.”

The new updates, available mostly from today, will take owners of EMCs on-premise solutions into the cloud, and allow them to implement and manage their on premise data policies and security levels no matter where the data is stored, be that on-premise, in a private cloud, a hybrid cloud or on the public cloud. As Ratcliffe explains most of the new solutions are upgrades to software rather than new additions, “a lot of what we are announcing today are enhancements to allow businesses to use the cloud and to take existing applications and environments and move them to the cloud.”

The new solutions allow EMC VMAX and VNX users the choice of setting automatic storage options, that select the most appropriate data storage channel on an application level eg they can elect to use local storage for low-latency critical applications, and to push storage out to Amazon S3 – or any of the 30+ public clouds supported - for applications that are less critical. Additionally the software will automatically handle the data protection for the data ensuring that the same levels of security are applied on all data formats. So if data is stored on the public cloud it will be secured and managed in transit and at rest, and should a business require data to be kept in specific European regions for data sovereignty reasons, then this can also be done automatically. As well as cloud solutions EMC has also added the ability to store data using Hitachi, HP and NetApp solutions for those who want to add on on-premise solutions as part of a hybrid cloud strategy.  

Additionally new tools will allow businesses to add backup and recovery to their third-party software-as-a-service applications with enhancements EMC’s Spanning Backup – they bought Spanning.com in Oct 2014. Businesses will now be able to integrate backups and restores to Salesforce  and in the next year Office 365 and Google Apps.

Tiering data to and from the cloud

EMC’s VMAX and VNX storage platform users will get software upgrades to FAST.X to allow users to automate data tiering to and from private and public clouds, from both EMC and non-EMC storage.  VMAX can now be connected to an EMC CloudArray and a SAN and a network switch and move data to the cloud or on-premise, based on their own service level objectives.

Price-sensitive customers will also be able to achieve similar functionality on a smaller scale by substituting VNX for VMAX in their infrastructure configuration and adding EMC VPLEX to non-disruptively tier data in and out of public and private clouds. Clouds supported include VMware vCloud Air, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Platform. 

Protecting data to/from the cloud

New security updates are included in the new CloudBoost 2.0 which now extends  existing EMC data protection solutions, including the Data Protection Suite and Data Domain, to the cloud. New features include enhanced performance, scalability and manageability with EMC claiming 3x faster throughput and 15x more data capacity than previous versions. 

Data Protection as a Service 

EMC service providers and EMC customers who deploy data-protection-as-a-Service (DPaaS) in their own private clouds will benefit from new features being introduced into the latest version of the Data Domain operating system DD OS 5.7, including enhanced capacity management, secure multi-tenancy, and a dense shelf configuration that dramatically reduces total cost of ownership.

Simplified Data Protection Management

Finally, EMC is announcing the next generation of its NetWorkerdata protection software.  NetWorker 9 introduces a new universal policy engine designed that automates and simplifies the data protection process regardless of where the data resides. Additionally, NetWorker 9 now also integrates with EMC ProtectPoint for Microsoft and Linux environments.

All of the EMC VNX and VMAX updates will also be applied to their EMC Isilon allowing users to extend  data to public and private clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Virtustream and private clouds with EMC ECS or a remote Isilon cluster.


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