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Nearly a fifth (18.6%) of colocation customers are looking to migrate their services to another provider in the coming months due to a lack of skilled personnel and security features.  

Quarter four 2015 marked a real change in the way hackers used DDoS attacks to bring down sites and saw a massive rise in attack against UK sites

The hundreds of gigabytes per second major DDoS attack on the BBC at New Year were solved by switching to Akamai’s cloud-based content delivery network, but the effects are still being felt.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 01:54

Dark DDoS attacks to rise in 2016

Distributed Denial of Service attacks used as a smokescreen to distract victims from other hidden activity, such as network infiltration and data theft are set to increase in 2016

Thursday, 03 December 2015 13:04

Is your site affected by the bugs in Node.js?

Node.js versions v0.12.x through to v5.x inclusive have a set of bugs that allow an external attacker to create a denial of service attack, is your site protected or vulnerable?

DDoS attacks accelerated in 2015 for the IT, telecoms and financial services sectors with one in four experiencing an attack

Friday, 23 October 2015 17:07

A lot of Talk Talk and very little action

Talk Talk’s admission that they lost millions of personal details should be treated as a wakeup call to the industry and not a time to gloat

Research from Kaspersky Labs shows DDoS attacks are nearly always a smokescreen for hackers to hide their real attacks behind

Corero is to integrate its on-premise DDoS protection with Verisigns cloud-based DDoS solution.

More than half of organisations have had data stolen as a result of DDoS and 40% estimate losses of over £100,000 per hour at peak times during a DDoS outage

A survey by Corero Network finds DDoS attacks have changed to be are shorter in length and more frequent and are designed to fool even the most sophisticated anti-DDoS solutions

Akamai’s latest State of the Internet report shows DDoS attacks on high-tech businesses are up and the delivery of those attacks is getting more sophisticated and harder to prevent

Recently we have seen a number of problems associated with the security around the Internet of Things particularly the security of the connections. So how do you keep IoT devices from broadcasting data to anyone?

Radware Attack Mitigation Service offers an “always-on” hybrid distributed denial of service attack mitigation solution to help protect enterprises

Jeffrey Lyon looks at some of the ways to combat DDos attacks on your cloud real-estate

Ian Wells, VP North-West Europe, of Veeam explains why in terms of data protection, moving to the cloud does not mean reinventing the wheel

Corero has launched a new scalable security solution that delivers DDoS protection at the internet service provider (ISP) level allowing businesses to function normally while under attack



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